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Spread the love on National Chia Day with this infused jam

When we first heard that today was National Chia Day, we immediately went to our garage to search for our old terracotta Shrek head. We found it and started watering it, excited but a little confused as to why Chia Pets were making a comeback, before we realized - oh, this day is probably about the nutritional value and not the novelty value of the chia seed. Our Shrek is blooming though!
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Talkin’ terps: When life hands you stress, make for strains with Limonene

Limonene limonene just like grandma...mene? Alright so maybe you wouldn’t find a sidewalk stand selling this terpene by itself, but as one of the most abundant terps found in cannabis you’ve no doubt enjoyed the citrusy delight of limonene’s distinct aroma.
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Counting sheep? Count on these 7 strains for a better night’s sleep instead

People just can’t fall asleep. As many as a quarter of Americans report having chronic issues with insomnia every year, and a lack of sleep can have negative consequences on overall health, work productivity, and even road safety.
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It’s Hard To Top These CBD Mango Banana Muffins

The edible muffin is the OG of infused baked goods. Medicators looking for a tasty way to get mellow have taken to the humble muffin from top down for decades, likely owing to its unique crumbly/pillowy texture ratio. If you’ve been following along with our recipe posts, however, you know we’re not just gonna give you the expected confection and call it a day.
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The Beginner’s Garden: Your Guide to Flower

With Adult Use cannabis now legal in Arizona, it’s important to get newcomers up to speed on weed. Browsing, purchasing and consuming cannabis from Sol Flower might seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but there’s no shame in not knowing what you don’t know. We’re here to help! So let’s roll it back to the basics and talk about flower.
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