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7 Products to Get You Through a Very 2020 Holiday

What do you get for the year that truly has it all? If we were doing the shopping, we’d gift wrap a swift kick out the door and a one-way ticket back to the demon planet from which it came. Yes, 2020 has been naughty, but the holidays are here to hopefully help us all end the calendar on an emotional uptick. 
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Sugar & spice is everything nice with these Mango Chile Cocoa Cookies

If you were born on the 20th-century side of the millennium, you may be inclined to describe a particularly excellent piece of news, work of art, or noteworthy occurrence as “sweet.” Those who came of age side-by-side with TikTok and Soundcloud might opt for a different adjective in response to the same thing: “fire.”
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Sol Flower Holiday Hours

Home for the holidays? Check our upcoming Holiday Hours & Promotions!
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Last Prisoner Project Holiday Letter Drive

This year Last Prisoner Project will host it’s 2nd Annual Holiday Letter Drive and Sol Flower is excited to help. We need your help to raise awareness and ensure that LPP constituents know that we are fighting for them and that they have not been forgotten.
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Return to your food coma with this dab-infused French Toast recipe

National French Toast Day falls just two days after Thanksgiving. Is this curious culinary timing the product of a fit of madness, or a stroke of genius? Either way you look at it, this holiday is not for the full of stomach, so here’s hoping you didn’t go back for that third slice of pumpkin pie after the rest of your family fell asleep.
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