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December 16, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Measurements in Arizona Dispensaries

Ounce, eighth, quarter, half, grams - what does it all mean? If cannabis measurements at an Arizona dispensaries confuse you, our blog will clear things up.
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November 24, 2021

How to Get Your Medical Cannabis Card in Arizona

Are you an Arizonian interested in exploring the world of medical cannabis? Our helpful blog has everything you need to know about getting your MMJ card in Arizona.
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November 11, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Consumption Methods for Arizona Consumers

There are a lot of consumption options for cannabis consumers today. Let’s take a journey through the many ways to enjoy cannabis (spoiler alert - you don’t have to inhale).
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October 28, 2021

Tips From Our Experts: Every Single Thing You Need to Know About Cannabis Microdosing

Cannabis consumers are starting to realize the many benefits of consuming very low doses of THC each day. Find out how to bring this to your everyday life.
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October 14, 2021

Sol Flower Says it Will Continue to Offer Expungement Resource Clinics in Partnership with Arizona NORML

Cannabis may now be legal, but many people have records that affect housing, student loans & passing criminal background checks. Learn more about our expungement resource clinics.
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