420 Win A Pound Contest

420 Win A Pound Contest

420 Giveaway

420 – win a pound contest

Terms & Conditions —

Promotion Duration: 04/20/23 – 04/23/23

Eligibility: Sol Flower medical and recreational customers over 18.

Rules of the Promotion: For every $75.00 spent in-store or online at a Sol Flower in a single transaction during the promotion, a customer will be given an opportunity to answer one trivia question. If the customer answers correctly, they will receive a scratcher to unveil their prize.

Each scratcher contains a prize, ranging from a free pre-roll to a pound of flower. The $75.00 purchase amount for eligibility is calculated after taxes and additional discounts are being applied. Purchase required.

Redemption Rules:

Redeemed winnings count against legally permitted amount. 420 Scratcher tickets are transferable but may only be redeemed once and must be surrendered at the time of redemption. Scratchers have no cash value. Winners are responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes.

One-time fulfillment scratcher prizes must be redeemed between 04/24/23 – 05/06/23

Prizes include:

  • 3,010 Total – Jukebox Double Hitter, VALUE: $8
  • 3,000 Total – Copperstate Edibles, VALUE: $22
  • 1,500 Total – Copperstate Mini Hashie 2-pack, VALUE: $18
  • 1,270 Total – 25% off your order, VALUE: 25% OFF
  • 750 Total – Copperstate All In One vape, VALUE: $44
  • 500 Total – Jukebox Stardust, VALUE: $30
  • 10 Total – Puff-co Cupsy, VALUE: $59.99
  • 10 Total – Copperstate full line up, VALUE: $225

One grand prize winner of a Pound of Weed, VALUE: $1600

Top prize of free pound of weed is to be redeemed at predetermined dispensary and cannot be compounded. Flower not redeemed in time is forfeited.  Full pound must be redeemed by 10/24/23.