Father’s Day Bundles- What Dad Really Wants

Father’s Day Bundles- What Dad Really Wants

Jukebox Father’s Day Cosmic Bundle 

Celebrate Father’s Day with the Jukebox Father’s Day Bundle, the perfect gift for the cannabis connoisseur dad! This exclusive bundle features: 

👔 1 NEW 2G All-in-One Vape: Experience unmatched convenience and potency with our latest vape innovation. 

👔 3 NEW Distillate Gummies: Enjoy our new distillate gummies’ delightful flavors and effects, expertly crafted for a premium experience. 

Valued at $101, this bundle is yours for just $75. Treat your dad to the best with Jukebox’s newest additions! Available 6/14/24-6/16/24 (While supplies last) 

Copperstate’s Father’s Day Premium Bundle 

Elevate your Father’s Day gift with the Copperstate Premium Bundle, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in cannabis. This luxurious bundle includes: 

👔 1 Copperstate Farms Live Hash Rosin Vape: Indulge in the pure, rich flavor of our top-tier live hash rosin vape. (500mg)  

👔 1 Copperstate Farms Mylar 3.5G Eighth: Savor the quality and freshness of our premium flower, packaged in a convenient Mylar bag. 

👔 3 Copperstate Farms Rosin Edibles: Enjoy our handcrafted rosin edibles’ delectable taste and powerful effects. 

Valued at $141, this bundle is available for just $95. Give your dad the gift of exceptional quality with Copperstate’s finest products! Available 6/14-6/16 (While supplies last) 

Bundles will be available on June 14, 2024, through June 16, 2024.

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