7 Chilled-Out Strains Perfect For Nighttime Use

7 Chilled-Out Strains Perfect For Nighttime Use

7 Chilled-Out Strains Perfect For Nighttime Use | SolFlower

Welcome to Sol Flower’s 7 Strains series, where we introduce you to a lucky number seven names to know when medicating for a specific use. First up: 7 sleepy strains for nighttime z’s.

It’s 2AM again and you’re wide awake, tossing and turning on sheets that feel like sandpaper with the glow of late-night reruns coming from your laptop. You’ve tried counting sheep, stretching and re-enacting that super boring work conference call, but nothing can keep your mind from racing and your body from stirring.

The medical benefits of establishing and maintaining a regular bedtime are numerous, but what good does lights out by 11 mean if you can’t actually fall asleep? If insomnia has you by the socks, look to Indica strains to release you into full-on slumbertown. 

Why Indica? It’s all about the stress relief. Indica strains relax your thoughts and your muscles to zen you out, compared to Sativa strains which are good for a more active-mind experience. 

Not all Indicas chill you out equally though, which is why we’ve collected seven varieties you can add to your routine depending on your PM goals.

White Fire OG

When to use it: In the early evenings, surrounded by friends and good vibes

Why you’ll like it: White Fire is like a vintage record or softly falling summer rain – ideal for setting the mood and paving the way for conversation without taking over. Relieve social anxiety and focus on whatever and whoever bring you joy in the moment.

Dark Helmet

When to use it: After a stressful day, when you look at your bed and think “I need you right now”

Why you’ll like it: Citrusy and sour, Dark Helmet will put a weight on your eyelids and pluck the tension from your mind. This is a total body relaxer, with euphoric undertones that will only promote sleep and leave you floating on your mattress.

Grease Monkey

When to use it: Right before dinner, with your phone on silent

Why you’ll like it: Some nights you just don’t feel like doing anything at all. When those evenings roll around, trust Grease Monkey to put you in a lazy daze without a care in the world (except for maybe which snacks to surround yourself with).

Wonka Bars

When to use it: When binge watching is on the docket for the evening

Why you’ll like it: This hybrid strain gives you control over your experience. Want to Netflix and chill? The gentle body high of Wonka Bars will have you making a couch cushion imprint. Feeling a little more active? Try it for some mellowed-out moonlight yoga.

Z Cube

When to use it: Transitioning from fun night out to chill night in with your furry friends

Why you’ll like it: With a Z baked right into the name, how can you not associate this bright-flavored strain with instant relaxation? Doze off with a smile on your face after inhaling or ingesting an up-and-coming name in the nighttime medication game.

OG Pie Breath

When to use it: During moments of writer’s block whether on the page at the piano

Why you’ll like it: If you’re a creative type that gets your inspiration from the moon’s energy, then this cherry-scented 60/40 Indica dominant strain is perfect for mellowing out your body while you stimulate your mind. 


When to use it: When you’re tired now, but have a big 9am meeting tomorrow

Why you’ll like it: Some strains knock you out and keep you groggy the next day. Not so much with Blueberry, which will relax you enough to get a solid rest while leaving you ready to face the morning, no double-shot of espresso required.

Wondering what strain is best for your nighttime needs? Come see us at Sol Flower!

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