7 products perfect for celebrating Halloween like the adult you are

7 products perfect for celebrating Halloween like the adult you are

Gather around all ganja ghouls and dabbing draculas, Halloween is upon us! Getting treats is bound to be a little trickier this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some responsible, physically-distanced fun around the neighborhood.

We recommend getting in the spirit with a wide array of cannabis products that can lower your fright anxiety and give you the energy you need to ring doorbells or pass out sugary sweets all night long. Here are 7 of our favorites to help you get lit up like a jack-o-lantern this Halloween night, as well as recommended costume pairings to dress up your high.

Pie Hoe CSF Cartridge
Recommended costume pairing: Sasquatch
It’s all about discretion with this indica-dominant hybrid. Lead the kids around the neighborhood with just the right amount of medication to keep a clear head, while sharing sneaky puffs with the other parents who are picking up your vibe.

Mango Chile GTC Jelly
Recommended costume pairing: salsa dancer
Why should the kids get all the good candy? This locally-sourced jelly delivers a flavor that can only be described as “Arizona fall” – full-on sweetness with a little hint of spice. Pulling this jelly from the bowl is the exact opposite of finding the black licorice one.

Super Silver Cheese Flower
Recommended costume pairing: The Flash
This tasty sativa strain gives you the energy to help the kids t.p. your neighbor’s house, and keeps you going for the clean up at your place when they return the favor.

Lemon OG
Recommended costume pairing: a highly-detailed group outfit
You’re destined to win the neighborhood costume contest after crafting the perfect family get-up that’s equal parts hilarious and timely. Thanks to Lemon OG, you can get that quick burst of artistic energy that will have people calling you Picas-tume.

Haze and Main Chocolate bars
Recommended costume pairing: Count Chocula
Show of hands: who always ate the chocolate bars first when trick or treating as a kid? Some tastes never change, and now you can feel even better about your chocoloism with infused bars in 250, 500, and 1000mg.

Miss DNA
Recommended costume pairing: the Wicked Witch of the West
Whether the smoke in the air is coming from the dry ice in your cauldron or from this mellow-hitting strain, there’s nothing better than relaxing on couch or broomstick and enjoying the Halloween merriment from through your windows. 

Canary Rest 1:1 Cartridge
Recommended costume pairing: your pajamas
When all the candy’s been counted and you’ve taken your rightful share from your kid’s batch (20% is the going parent rate, we’ve heard), it’s time to wind down with a relaxing strain that will brush aside the cobwebs and have you sleeping like a vampire.

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