7 Products to Get You Turkey Ready This Month

7 Products to Get You Turkey Ready This Month

Preheat the oven to 350, dig through your kitchen drawers for that old can opener, and find a comfortable cushion on the couch: Thanksgiving month is upon us! While birds everywhere prepare to get basted, you can use this time to mentally prepare yourself for in-laws (even if it’s dinner-by-Zoom this year). 

The holiday season is a time for relaxation in theory, but we all know the anxieties that come with family gatherings and epic meal preparations. Not to worry – we’re here to pardon you from Thanksgiving stress like the lucky turkey you are with strains and products that’ll leave you feeling buttery as a mashed potato. 

Here are 7 products to get you turkey ready this year:

Tangie DNA Preroll
Staring down that dining room spread and wondering where to start? The original Tangie promotes a positive mood and gives you the munchies so you won’t have a problem sampling a little bit of everything on your plate. 

Haze and Main Sweedies
Treat yourself to early dessert all throughout the day with a discrete treat that’s perfect for microdosing. One benefit of these tart candies is they can improve your appetite. Another? They’re small enough to give your mother-in-law so she can chill out.

4 Prophets
The mellow high you get from this sweet strain will have you beelining for the couch while putting a smile on your face as you watch the Cowboys get thoroughly smoked yet again.

Pie Hoe
No, that’s not what your sassy aunt calls you after you reach for a second helping of pumpkin pie. It’s a $20 cartridge from Copperstate Farms with a hint of grape flavor and a high that will knock you back until it’s time to raid the fridge for slice number three.

Lavender Lemon Drops
Conversation drifting into election talk? Pop a drop! Kids table getting too turnt with TikTok dances? Pop a drop! Draw the short straw for cleaning duty? Pop a drop! There’s no limit to the opportunities to medicate and calm yourself with these zesty beauties.

Sublime Mineral Bath Soak
After all the sides have been stuffed away and the tryptophan has taken hold of everyone else in the house, gently drift away from the holiday spirit and unwind with high-terpene cannabis oils that offer topical relief from the aches of the day.

Super Silver Cheese
And then when you’re done relaxing in the bath, dry off and get AMPED for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with this high energy strain that’s loved by holiday shoppers the world over. The season never sleeps!

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