7 Products To Help You Celebrate This 4th of July

7 Products To Help You Celebrate This 4th of July

7 Cannabis Products For This 4th of July | SOL Flower Dispensary

The Fourth of July is here, and we can finally celebrate with each other! Responsibly, of course, but finally in the presence of other people besides the same three we’ve each been stuck for the last year and a half. (Love you, mean it.)

So, in honor of this big holiday and the camaraderie that comes with it, we put together a list of the 7 best products to help you celebrate to the fullest this Fourth of July. Because sparklers aren’t the only thing worth lighting up tonight.

Commerce City Kush Live Resin Sugar Wax by araefor the fireworks show
This wax imparts a happy and hazy high that hits hard and sinks into the body, offering a perfectly pleasant couchlock—or in the case of the 4th, lawn-chair-lock—so you can sit back, relax, and really enjoy the fireworks.

Copperstate Manzanita Cartridgefor the sake of tradition
The Copperstate Manzanita Cartridge delivers a smooth and fast-acting high with the sweet, familiar taste of another great American tradition—apple pie. Because who doesn’t love a slice of apple pie on Independence Day? Or a good buzz. 

Pineapple Cookies Gold Flowerfor hot summer nights
This incredible strain is perfect to end a hot summer day with. Like sipping on an ice cold piña colada (but without the sugary hangover), this strain will cool you off with breezy hints of pineapple and vanilla. Plus, with relaxing qualities that keep you at ease for hours on end, you’ll never have more fun writing words in the air with sparklers. 

Yuzu Citrus Fruit Jelliesfor hot summer days
Great to break out for an all-day Fourth of July block party, these citrus fruit jellies offer a discreet and refreshing buzz. With a light citrus flavor and 10mg of THC per gummy, summertime never felt—or tasted—so good.  

Z Cube Silver Flowerfor the fireworks fanatic
This hybrid strain elevates your mood while surrounding you in a cloudy aroma of sweet berry and rosewater. It’s the perfect flower to reach for before the fireworks begin, creating a relaxed but uplifted headspace that’ll make you feel an extra spark as you watch the fireworks dazzle.

Haze and Main 3:1 Happy Hour Bubblyfor backyard BBQ hopping
These infused drinks are the perfect alcohol alternative for your neighbor’s backyard BBQ. With 75mg of THC, 25mg of CBD, and 80mg of caffeine, they deliver a solid buzz that’ll keep you friendly and engaged without any crash or unwanted side effects. And with five thirst-quenching flavors to choose from, they taste better than any energy drink out there. 

Timeless Cactus Chiller Cartridgefor cheering on the Suns
This one’s for our Arizonans! This limited-edition strain offers the best of both worlds with a relaxing and euphoric high. A Valley of The Sun classic, it’s perfect to enjoy while you watch the Suns crush it in the playoffs and then celebrate with fireworks after. Call it our version of the “Valley-oop” because it dunks every time. 

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