7 Products to Make This Mother’s Day the Most Relaxing One Yet

7 Products to Make This Mother’s Day the Most Relaxing One Yet

Moms do everything, and they somehow make it look easy. Trust, it’s not easy to keep up with a home, excel at work, and have dinner on the table every night—and look good while doing it. So this year, treat your mom to something that can help her relax, unwind, and enjoy some well-deserved downtime, especially after the year moms have had. Because being cooped up in a home all year isn’t easy for anyone, but being cooped up in a home you have to maintain, while doubling as a teacher and a mother and keeping up with work, is even harder.

Read on for our list of 7 products to make her Mother’s Day the most relaxing one yet. Pro tip: they hit even harder if you also volunteer to cook dinner and clean the kitchen tonight.    

Pineapple Cookies Gold Flower –  For the mom who’d enjoy an afternoon nap (Let’s be real—whose wouldn’t?)
This 50/50 hybrid strain has long-lasting effects thanks to its mother, Platinum GSC. With a fresh aroma of pineapple, nutty vanilla, and spices, it’ll remind mom of her favorite candle while offering her a euphoric, sleepy high. Perfect for the mama who’s the last to go to bed each night and the first to rise every morning.

Solid Gold FlowerFor the mom who can handle her THC
Skip the gold jewelry this year and opt for something a little shinier. Our Solid Gold flower is covered in sparkly trichomes that will take mom on a flavorful journey to the clouds. With a long-lasting, calming, heady high and a tropical, fruity flavor, mom can enjoy her THC TLC all day long.   

Mai Tai Distillate CartridgesFor the mom looking for an energy boost
Being a mom is exhausting. Our Mai Tai distillate cartridges by Copperstate Farms offer her an instant energy boost thanks to the strain’s Sativa-dominant roots. This cart will have mom feeling refreshed and reinvigorated while still imparting that good-time high she so deserves.

1g Sol Flower PrerollsFor the mom who wastes no time
Forget grinding up flower and packing a bowl or rolling a joint. If your mom is all about using her time wisely, give her the gift of our ready-to-rock prerolls. Available in Hybrid and Indica strains, these babies will waste no time elevating her headspace and lowering her stress levels.

Haze & Main Chocolate BarsFor the mom with a sweet tooth
Chocolate and flowers always make great Mother’s Day gifts, but chocolate and flower are an even better combo. So ditch the traditional and reach for the delectable with these 100mg THC chocolate bars, made with non-GMO ingredients and high-quality cannabis extract. Available in cake batter and dark chocolate espresso flavors, they’ll satisfy her cravings while also providing her a relaxing body high. 

iLava Touch Topicals For the mom who’s kept up her workout routine, even at home
Mom deserves mad props for keeping up her workout routine while also keeping up with everything else. Our iLava Touch Topicals will help her stay pain-free before, during, or after her workout so she can continue to make the most of her me-time without having to cut it short due to aches and pains.

Sprinkle: Night Relax For the mom who brings her to-do list to bed
Help mom get a much needed night of stress-free rest with Sprinkle’s Night Relax dissolvable powder. Powered by 10mg of THC and 3mg of melatonin, it’ll help her fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed. Because her tomorrow is probably (definitely) busier than the rest of ours.

BONUS: Give mom the gift of SOL with our $100 bundle. Available through Mother’s Day!
A little of everything. Because mom deserves it.

  • 1 Gold Tier Eighth
  • 1 Copperstate Cartridge
  • 4 1g Prerolls
  • 2 Haze & Main 100mg Chocolate Bars

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