7 Products To Take the Stress Out of This Year’s Back-to-School Season

7 Products To Take the Stress Out of This Year’s Back-to-School Season

7 Cannabis Products For Stress | Sol Flower Dispensary

Back-to-school season is upon us! The already stressful time of year has a few added stressors this time around…to say the least. So we put together a list of 7 products to help you get through it and maybe even remind you that the back-to-school season is actually an exciting time. New things are happening, lessons are being learned, seasons are changing—it’s a time of growth, and it should be enjoyed.

But just in case it’s hard to see all the good things while you’re bombarded with back-to-school shopping, schedule changes, and, you know, the pandemic, we’ve got some cannabis goodies that can help.  

Copperstate Purple Haze Cartridgesfor when you’re on the go 

If you’re losing steam sitting in car line, our Purple Haze cartridges are the perfect pick-me-up. A Sativa-dominant distillate, this baby offers a high-energy buzz that’s as happy as it is electric. Boost your mood and your energy with one discreet, flavorful hit and keep the day moving forward with ease. Because there’s still soccer practice and grocery shopping to get done. 

Aeriz Strawberry Jelly Flowerfor when you have to socialize

We’re all having trouble figuring out how to socialize again after the past year and a half we’ve had, but back-to-school season means diving headfirst back into it. Fortunately, Aeriz Strawberry Jelly flower can help. This hybrid strain delivers a euphoric, happy high that turns making conversation from a chore to a pleasure. School open house night has never been so enjoyable.

Kindred Mind Capsules for when work is calling

Work doesn’t break for back-to-school season. (Wouldn’t that be nice…) Whether you’re in the office or working from home, it’s hard to focus on the tasks at hand when you’re trying to adjust to life’s new work/school schedule, especially if the kids are schooling from home with you. These Sativa capsules by Kindred are the perfect helping hand to get your mind focused, your creative juices flowing, and your work to-do’s knocked out without having to bang your head against the table for inspiration.

Good Things Coming Very Cherry 1:1 Jelliesfor when you need some balance

Stress can be a good thing. It helps us make quick decisions in tough situations. But it’s also pretty bad, a total buzzkill that can dampen any mood and halt any progress. So if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by the demands of back-to-school season in the middle of a pandemic, first, know you’re not alone. And second, reach for these 1:1 jellies. With 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD (derived from marijuana, not hemp), they’ll give you balance and clarity so you can determine your next move from a calm headspace. 

Wyld Gummiesfor your day-to-day

These delicious sweet treats are new at Sol Flower, and they’re a perfect addition to your everyday routine. Whether you want just a THC boost or are looking for a more balanced boost with 1:1 CBD to THC, we’ve got you covered. They’re low dose (only 10mg per gummy) so one a day can keep the worries away without totally sending you to the clouds. (And if you do want to go to the clouds, just have a few more…we won’t tell.)

MuV Patches for when you have to be on your feet all day

If you’ve got a nonstop day ahead of you, try a MuV Transdermal Patch. These extended-release patches last for 72 hours, so you can ease your discomfort on the day of and the residual aches that follow in the days after. (Sign ‘em up for a travel sports team, they said… It’ll be fun, they said…) You won’t experience much, if any, of a head high, so you can keep your head in the game while allowing your body to relax on the sidelines.

Sprinkle Products for when you can’t make happy hour

Back to school season means sacrificing some of your adult time, but with Sprinkle products, you can still enjoy a relaxing drink even if you’re at swim practice. These water-dissolvable products are made with nitro THC that you can sprinkle into literally any drink. Just stir and enjoy. Plus, there’s a nighttime option with melatonin that’ll help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and leave you feeling a lot better in the morning than a few glasses of wine ever has.

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