7 Strains For Making Your Spirits Bright This Holiday Season

7 Strains For Making Your Spirits Bright This Holiday Season

Welcome to the latest installment of Sol Flower’s 7 Strains Series, where we introduce you to a lucky number seven names to know when medicating for a specific use. Today’s timely list: 7 strains to de-stress during the holidays.

You’ve made travel plans along with millions of other airline passengers. You have a holiday gift list taking up half the space in your phone’s notes app. You’ll soon be gathered around the fireplace with your entire extended family, playing games, singing songs, and trying not to discuss politics. 

Ah yes, the holidays! A time when all good boys and girls get a little extra helping of anxiety and seasonal affective disorder climbs down the chimney and makes itself at home in your mind and body.

In festive times like these, we can all use some help restoring holiday cheer. Consider this list of chilled-out strains our gift to you to help you manage symptoms and discover the reason for the season (hint: it’s cannabis).


When to use it: When you’re ready to make your annual trek to the mall in mid-December

Why you’ll like it: Fly through your to-do’s with an uplifting energy that will loosen your body up for its shopping pilgrimage. Not even Mall Santa can harsh your buzz when you medicate with this sativa that keeps the paranoia low and productivity high.

Dragon Fruit

When to use it: While taking a stroll around the neighborhood, admiring the lights and decorations

Why you’ll like it: Aunt Susie sent her infamous fruit cake as a gift again this year, but don’t worry – Dragon Fruit’s sweet aroma and deliciously citrus exhale is all the dessert you’ll need. This 50/50 hybrid will leave you equal parts giggly and zen, making your world feel like a giant snow globe. 

Northern Lights

When to use it: On the night before Christmas, when you’re the creature that’s stirring

Why you’ll like it: Rivaled in fame only by Rudolph, this pure indica will have you curling up under the warmth of your blankets in no time. We can’t guarantee you’ll have visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head, but we can promise your mind will start to settle on something peaceful.

Durban Poison

When to use it: As you walk to the top of the hill, sled in hand

Why you’ll like it: The perfect strain for the outdoors, this pure sativa keeps your energy up while dancing with your tongue like fresh powder falling from the winter sky. As you lie down to make another snow angel, you’ll be the only thing that’s melting.

Sweet Black Angel (shatter)

When to use it: When your appetite’s low but the holiday feast is calling your name

Why you’ll like it: Its full body high gets you to that blissed-out state. Its appetite-promoting nature gets you to the pie table. After a solid helping of both this dab and Santa’s cookies, you’ll hit the pillow happy as an elf.

Animal Mints

When to use it: At 11pm on New Year’s Eve

Why you’ll like it: With its sweet aroma and relaxing properties, this indica-dominant crossbreed is the perfect complement to your kiss at the stroke of midnight.

Lemon Alien Dawg

When to use it: While summoning the holiday spirits of your choice

Why you’ll like it: Not everyone does winter celebrations the typical way. Whether you turn towards the Solstice sun with fellow druids, throw a Saturnalia party like it’s 99 B.C. or air your Festivus grievances, you could use a little citrusy Alien hybrid to get weird.

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