7 Strains for the Mom Staying at Home

7 Strains for the Mom Staying at Home

What to get for the mom who has everything? You know, the aches and pains, mild anxiety, and inflammation from all those years of tending to your every need and loving you with her whole body and soul. There are lots of reasons she deserves to feel good this year, not the least of which is all that time she’s having to spend cooped up at home. If your mom is a cannabis patient, we have 7 Strains that double as great Mother’s Day gift ideas for the woman who means so much to you.

So forget the bath bombs this year (actually, don’t – we know how to make those better, too) and treat mom to 7 Strains that can cultivate even deeper motherly love.


Jack Herer – For the mom who loves to tidy up

This classic strain will help relieve some of mom’s anxiety over the fact that the cabinets are dusty, and get her motivated to bust out the Swiffer. Not saying your mom should spend her special day cleaning, but y’know, sometimes she actually likes doing it so who are we to stand in the way.


Chem DawgFor the mom who deserves a dip

When was the last time mom put on the one-piece and waded into the backyard pool? Chem Dawg will put good vibes in her mind, getting her in the perfect blissed-out state to enjoy the cool full-body refreshment only 3.5 feet of chlorinated wetness can provide.


Durban Poison For the scrappie mom

Bust out the scissors and old family photo albums – it’s scrapbooking time! Energized by Durban Poison and without a care in the world, Mommy Monet can get to work on creative projects she’s been putting off. Quilts ‘bout to get quilted up in this piece.


Tangie For the mom who kisses her fur babies as much as her real babies

This strain gives users a deep awareness of their body and mind, and the energy of those around them. So if your mom’s house happens to have the adorable energy of a baby shih-tzu or poofy pom, that’s a vibe she should lean into for hours.


Holy GrailFor the mom who’s strictly business

Running her own small business is what makes mom come alive. You can tell how excited she is because of all the Facebook posts she’s making about revolutionary skin creams and “joining her network.” Give her the productivity-boosting Holy Grail and marvel as her downline doubles in size.


Grim DJ OG For the mom who Zumba’s harder from home

You didn’t think mom’s sneaks and sweatbands would sit in her closet just because gyms are closed, did you? If she can’t power walk around the mall, she’s gonna take the subdivision by storm with her fitness gains. This strain will help with aches and pains so mom can keep moving.


Harlequin CBD FlowerFor the mom spending the whole day with you

If you’re safely making a trip over to mom’s house for Mother’s Day, you might not want to see mom in the full throes of a trip of her own. This great CBD strain can be used all day long without any psychoactive effects, letting you spend the day with mom as you know and love her.

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