7 strains just right for replacing a cold one

7 strains just right for replacing a cold one

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, a time for compassion and open dialogue around substance use and abuse issues. Even if you don’t personally struggle with drinking, you’ve likely been touched by an epidemic that often goes underreported. Over a quarter of adult Americans reported binge drinking at least once a month, with an additional 6% saying they’ve consumed 4-5 drinks in a two hour span at least five times in a month.

Many families have grappled with the painful reality of alcohol abuse and the difficulties of treating dependence. The purpose of an awareness month is not to shame those who drink, but to elevate the conversation and move toward helpful solutions as a society. A lofty goal for sure, but in the cannabis industry we understand that the most effective way to overcome stigma is to talk about it.

We believe that cannabis can be an integral part of a plan to combat alcoholism. We also don’t subscribe to the belief that sobriety from alcohol must entail a complete rejection of all other substances, especially ones that can be beneficial to your health. Having cannabis as a safety net for many of the withdrawal symptoms – including anxiety – can make weaning off alcohol much more manageable.

If you’re a casual drinker, we’re not suggesting you never reach for the bottle again. But we do think this other bud can also be for you as a supplement to your weekend wine or gametime beer. It carries fewer health risks, is not addictive, and can deliver the same euphoric feelings as alcohol without the whole-day hangover.

To help you along your journey no matter how far down the road you are, here are 7 strains that are just right for replacing a drink with a toke.

Durban Poison

Instead of: a hard seltzer on a warm day

Get your mojo going with this highly energizing strain that will make the outdoor air crisper and the poolside vibes chiller. Fire up the “summer mood” playlist and get your sugar from an ice cream cone, not a bubbly beverage.

Tahiti Lime

Instead of: a tequila shot

The tastiest part of the tequila experience is the citrus anyway, so why not go straight to the source with this sweet and tangy strain that will leave you feeling warm and satisfied, never salty.

Snack Pak

Instead of: starting the party with flip cup

This hybrid is a highly social strain, helping you go with the flow of any conversation and leave you feeling extra inspired with the playlist creation as the night goes on.


Instead of: hoppy pale ales from that new gastropub

In the mood for the aroma of orange? Tangie can be just what you need once in a blue moon (wink wink). Refreshing and energizing, this strain will hit just right whether you’re laying down at the park, or throwing back the frisbee that landed near you.

Jack Herer

Instead of: Jack Daniels

Pay homage to the legendary cannabis activist Jack H. with this spicy sativa that can be your perfect partner when you’re lounging in your robe with nothing to do at all.

Banana Kush

Instead of: sipping a six pack after a long day

Peel off your stresses and find a comfy spot on the couch with Banana Kush, a strain noted for its potent body high and anxiety-dulling effects. 

Blue Dream

Instead of: soaking candy in vodka

Indulge your sweet tooth without setting yourself up for the next-day headache of your life. Blue Dream has the aroma and taste of sweet berries so you can enjoy Skittles the way they were meant to be consumed.

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