7 strains perfect for a weekend camping adventure

7 strains perfect for a weekend camping adventure

As we watched another majestic sunset go down over the west Valley this week, it hit us like a clean dab: Arizona really is the most beautiful state the USA’s got going. No matter where you live, you’re never more than a 45 minute drive from serene nature and all the desert, mountain or forest real estate blessed upon this land by the ancient saguaro gods (probably).

Now that the weather might start thinking about cooperating with our statewide itch to get outside, it’s the perfect time to get your tent out of storage and put some fresh double-A’s in your flashlight. The fall season is camping season in AZ, and that means enjoying all the health benefits the good ol’ outdoors has to offer – Vitamin D, immune boosting chemicals, an opportunity to unplug from technology – and to do so with a little help from cannabis strains that pair oh so perfectly with breezes and bonfires.

Partaking in top-shelf flower while tiptoeing through them yourself is a favorite pastime of many at Sol Flower. Here are 7 strains to pack with you for your next camping adventure. 

Grow Science Hash Rosin Pen
For the camper who won’t let a burn restriction harsh their vibe

This cartridge is the closest one on the market to flower, delivering relief from many of life’s anxieties – chief among them the worry over starting a forest fire.

Copperstate Farms Super Sour Diesel Cartridge
For the camper who just wants to see what’s over that ridge…
Don’t hit the trailhead without it! This cartridge provides a boost of energy that gets your body loose and limber even after a night in a tent. When the trees on the trail start talking, you’ll hear them clearer than ever with super sour diesel.

Haze and Main 250 or 500mg milk chocolate bar
For the camper who wants a little more from their s’mores
Gather ‘round the campfire and enjoy the dosed deliciousness that is graham cracker, marshmallow, and infused chocolate. The end of the night never felt so right.

Good Things Coming Lavender Lemon Drops
For the camper who really really wants to leave work at home
Remember, the outdoors are an escape – so turn those phones on silent and put this week’s Zoom calls out of your mind. These lemon drops come in a camping-ready tin and are a delicious way to relax and connect with the world outside your inbox.

DNA Genetics 4 Prophets
For the camper who knows their astrology
What’s in the stars for you and your camping partner? A clear-headed, cerebral experience laying out on a blanket and exploring the cosmos together. Find your nearest dark sky spot and contemplate the galaxy with people you care about most. 

Green Halo Pure and Simple OJ
For the camper who wakes up in time to greet the sunrise
There’s always that one camper in every group who seems like they’ve lived a full day by 7am. The boost provided by this all-natural orange juice is a tasty way to enjoy the unique solitude of dawn in the great wide open.

Sol Flower Durban Poison
For the camper who’s out to make a splash
In Arizona, there’s almost always a waterfall at the end of the trail. Pack this flower to make the trek nothing but fun, then enjoy your refreshing reward as you jump from rock to natural spring.

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