CBD vs THC: What’s The Difference & How Do They Affect Me?

CBD vs THC: What’s The Difference & How Do They Affect Me?

Like Coke & Pepsi or Cubs & White Sox, THC & CBD are two sides of a similar coin. And just like those other pairs, these cannabinoids share traits while being unique enough to stand out on their own and attract their own hardcore fans. If you think all weed is grown equal, then you might want to read up on what sets these two apart and what they can do for you.


Where they come from

To understand the differences between THC and CBD is to first understand their natural origins. THC – or as its mom calls it when she’s mad, tetrahydrocannabinol – is the prominent chemical component of the marijuana plant. It’s what’s responsible for making you feel “high” when smoking or ingesting flower; that mellowed-out state where jokes are a little funnier and thoughts are a little deeper. 

CBD – or cannabidiol at formal-wear parties – comes primarily from hemp, with many strains containing between 5-20% CBD and merely trace amounts of THC. You don’t get psychoactively high when you take CBD; in fact, CBD can actually reduce the anxieties some people feel when they smoke THC. That’s why your dad who “took one puff in college” is now asking you all about CBD oil for his joints.


What they treat

Both THC and CBD are effective at treating symptoms of physical pain, including migraines, nausea and inflammation. Which one you prefer is simply a matter of your comfort level with the euphoric, sometimes out-of-body experience of high-THC strains. Some CBD strains are grown with a small percentage of THC to add a little buzz under the proceedings.

CBD first came into the spotlight for its effectiveness in reducing seizures. It’s often prescribed and recommended today for mental disorders precisely because of its lack of heady side effects. THC can help treat glaucoma, muscle spasms, and as the official compound of “the munchies,” can help patients suffering from reduced appetite.


How you take them

There’s virtually no difference in the options for introducing either CBD or THC into your system. Smoked, ingested, rubbed on the skin, taken under the tongue – all are effective in varying degrees of strength depending on your area of focus.

In many ways, the rise in popularity of CBD is helping reduce the stigma over medicating with cannabis. It doesn’t hurt that CBD is legal in the U.S., meaning the compound has carved itself out a nice cottage lifestyle industry

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