Counting sheep? Count on these 7 strains for a better night’s sleep instead

Counting sheep? Count on these 7 strains for a better night’s sleep instead

People just can’t fall asleep. As many as a quarter of Americans report having chronic issues with insomnia every year, and a lack of sleep can have negative consequences on overall health, work productivity, and even road safety.

Adults need at least seven hours of sleep per night. But after beaming blue device screen light into your eyeballs all day and enjoying that late night sugary snack, your body isn’t properly prepped for an ideal slumber. 

The line between work, play and family time is increasingly blurring, especially during this past year when beds have been doubling as desks. That can make hitting the hay at the same time every night a tall task. If you’re tired all day, you’re probably dreaming of a solution to get more shut eye (or not dreaming, because you’re awake watching FlexSeal infomercials at 3am). 

Cannabis, especially THC-dominant strains, is great at putting you to sleep and keeping you there, with a sweet spot of 20% THC about an hour before bed giving you the optimal rest without the foggy feeling the next morning. So get a comfy pillow and tuck yourself in like a little blanket burrito, because these 7 strains are a snoozefest in all the best ways.

Granddaddy Purple
Restless in bed? Not with this legendary strain, which can move you through multiple levels of relaxation without ever moving your physical body. Such is the power of the Purp.

Triple OG
You know that feeling when you move your leg under the covers and find that fresh pocket of cool, untouched sheet? That’s the level of comfort you’ll get with this 19% THC nighttime strain that makes sleep a certainty.

Wedding Cake
Not sleeping can be a nightmare. But so can sleep if you have bad dreams associated with PTSD. Strains like Wedding Cake help alleviate anxiety by limiting your dreams, shielding you through the night until only the sounds of your alarm clock can wake you.

Grim DJ OG
Which metaphor do you like better: marbles filled with wet sand resting gently on your eyelids, or a thousand tiny angels pulling your eyelids shut with harp strings? By the time you’ve picked your favorite, you’re already asleep with this strain from Copperstate Farms.

Grape OG
This lighter strain will leave you feeling restful yet playful, which is perfect if you’ve ever wanted to mess with your partner’s sleep number settings before bed.

Purple Urkle
Did you do that? If the answer is fall asleep almost immediately after consuming this quick-onset strain, then yes you definitely did. 

God’s Hammer
Sometimes you need divine intervention to stay snoozed. Drop the hammer on insomnia with this sweet strain that turns any space into a snore space.

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