Debit Card Payments Available at ALL Sol Flower Locations!

Debit Card Payments Available at ALL Sol Flower Locations!

Debit Cards Accepted | Arizona Cannabis Dispensary | Sol Flower

Sol Flower now accepts pin debit cards for dispensary purchases (Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit or Savings account cards are accepted at the register with PIN number). Patrons can order online, and then pay and pick up in store. We want you to stay informed, so we’ve put together a list of some expected questions and answers. If you are curious about anything you don’t see below, please shoot us an email at or reach out on Twitter! We’d be happy to help!

Which locations currently accept debit payment?
Our Phoenix locations are the only Sol Flower dispensaries currently accepting debit payment. Tucson locations coming soon!

Will you still offer TreezPay payments?
No, Sol Flower will now only accept all PIN based debit cards for payment or cash effective immediately.

What is the fee to pay with a debit card?
The fee is $1.99 for all PIN based debit card transactions, there is no minimum, and no maximum purchase amount to use this service.

Can I still pay ahead for my purchase?
Unfortunately not. Patrons will no longer receive a text message to pay for their purchases, but instead, will pay at the register.

What will this show up as on my bank statements?
Pin based debit card transactions will reflect as SOL FLOWER on your bank statements

Can I use a credit card if I have a PIN number for it?
Only PIN based debit cards can be accepted for payment. If cannabis is ever removed from being listed as a Schedule 1 substance, we can accept credit cards.

Can I still take advantage of sales and promotions if I pay using a debit card?
Of course! There are absolutely no restrictions for patrons that would prefer to pay using their debit card.

Can I used this service if I’m not a medical patient?
Of course! This service is available to everyone that shops at Sol Flower!

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