Doing it for the love: Meet Kristopher Vest, Sol Flower logistics supervisor

Doing it for the love: Meet Kristopher Vest, Sol Flower logistics supervisor

Sol Flower’s cannabis delivery is off to a flying start. What’s the whole experience been like so far?
This is an amazing company first of all. Being here for just a few months has already been a life changing experience for me. I’ve seen all sorts of things I’ve never seen before and I absolutely love my co-workers, my bosses and my drivers. Our goal is to own this delivery space not just in the west valley, but to really become the white glove service for all of Phoenix. Being here has allowed me to help the industry progress and grow, and that’s all I could have asked for.

This isn’t your first logistics gig. Tell us about your experience in the newspaper industry.
I grew up in the Glendale area and my father and I ran an entire fleet of almost 200 newspaper delivery drivers running 240 routes every day, 365 days a year. It was quite the position managing that many people and getting them to show up for a shift from 1am to 7am every day. We had to literally knock on peoples’ doors sometimes to get them to come to work. It took a lot out of me but it taught me so much about logistics and about being an effective supervisor. 

How did you make the transition into the cannabis world professionally?
Persistence. It took me almost 7 years of dropping off resumes and getting to know people at every dispensary in town. I’ve been a medical patient for 11 years so I knew this is where I always wanted to be, and I always loved the atmosphere walking into Sol Flower as a patient. So when I finally got the call from them to come in for an interview my jaw literally hit the floor. It was one of the most validating moments of my life because for the first time I was recognized for my skill set and it was by the industry I’d always dreamed of being a part of.

What made cannabis such a dream and a goal for you?
Cannabis honestly saved my life a few times. I’ve been through some dark times in my past and it was only through cannabis that I was able to heal and gain the patience and perspective needed to love myself and get to where I am today. I was dealing with some health issues and seeing so many specialists from neurologists to pulmonologists, playing hot potato with all sorts of drugs. None of them worked, and it nearly killed me. During one of my many hospital stays a nurse told me that what I had was straight up anxiety – a term I had never heard before. He recommended cannabis, and when I finally started medicating naturally I realized this was something that could help me progress in life and leave the darkness behind. It changed who I was as a person and how I looked at the industry. I knew this is where I wanted to be. 

Now that you’re where you want to be, what are your goals?
I want to keep building Sol Flower’s delivery program up and out until it takes over the entire valley as Arizona’s premier cannabis delivery service. Also I do have a bit of a green thumb so someday I’d like to manage a grow-op and become a master grower.

What are some of your passions outside of the cannabis world?
I’m a major outdoorsy guy. I love target shooting and taking my dogs out for walks in the woods up by the family cabin in Show Low. I also love building things and Macgyver’ing stuff together. I just build a queen loft bed frame out of 2x6s and 2x4s and it looks amazing. I also love building computers and playing games with my friends. I’m what most people like to call a “jack of all trades”.

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