Last Prisoner Project Holiday Letter Drive

Last Prisoner Project Holiday Letter Drive

This year Last Prisoner Project will host it’s 2nd Annual Holiday Letter Drive and Sol Flower is excited to help. We need your help to raise awareness and ensure that LPP constituents know that we are fighting for them and that they have not been forgotten.

Letter writing is important now more than ever before due to COVID. Many prisons are not allowing visitors over the holiday season. We hope that these letters will warm the hearts of those incarcerated for cannabis in these incredibly difficult times.

What to Write

The biggest hurdle to beginning a pen pal relationship is getting started. A suggestion for a first letter might include an introduction along with a short bio, an explanation of how you came to hear about your pen pal, hobbies, pets, music, activism, etc. Let them know that cannabis justice activists like yourself are fighting for their freedom! Don’t forget, the prison mail system can be slow. Sometimes it can take several weeks to get a response.

Letter Writing Prompts

• Let the person you’re writing to know you’re fighting for them
• Let them know what’s going on in your life, sometimes prisoners appreciate hearing stories and living through your stories
• Give them some updates on pop culture and things going on in your town
• Order them an online magazine subscription

What to do

• Select your pen pal from the LPP Letter Writing Guide & Directory• Write your letter on plain, white printer paper in black or blue ink for the best chance of being accepted

Mailing Instructions

• Plain White envelopes only
• No stamps (other than postage stamp on envelope), stickers, tape, glue, glitter, staples, paper clips, fragrances, crayon, ribbon, etc. on the envelope or letter
• No Popup/out content
• No address labels
• All ingoing and outgoing mail is subject to inspection.
• Never include anything you wouldn’t want staff to read
• No drawings or markings that can be misconstrued as secret code or inappropriate content etc.
• Please realize that even if you do everything correctly mail can be returned.

Addressing the Envelope

Always include your pen pal’s full name, six-digit prison ID#, institution name, address, and your full name and return address.

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