Light Up and Chill Out—It’s National Relaxation Day

Light Up and Chill Out—It’s National Relaxation Day

Relax with Cannabis on National Relaxation Day | Sol Flower Dispensary

It’s not 4/20, but it might just be the next best holiday for cannathusiasts everywhere (lookin’ at you). National Relaxation Day is here, and your stash is dying to celebrate with you. So grab your lighter, torch, vape, gummies—whatever’s calling your name—and take a deep dive with us into the deets of this ever-necessary celebration and the ways cannabis can help take it to new heights.

Celebrating National Relaxation Day

Even though it seems like this day might’ve been specifically thought of in response to the last year and a half we’ve all had (yes, it’s been that long…), it’s actually been a national holiday since 1985. And for good reason, too. Stress levels have been trending up for decades, and people are in desperate need of a little R&R. Queue: National Relaxation Day.

The point of the day isn’t to do nothing all day. Although, if that’s your preferred way to relax, then please party on. It’s more to avoid doing stressful things. So if you find gardening relaxing, head outside. If video games are how you relax, plug in. (But maybe avoid that game that makes you scream at the TV.) If you recharge by hanging out with friends, plan a group activity. (Of course, be mindful of current CDC guidelines.) However you prefer to find calmness and get work and other stressors out of your mind, lean into it like your health depends on it. Because it does.

Stress and Your Body

In short bursts, stress can be beneficial to your health. It can help you make quick decisions to get you out of tight situations. But long-term stress, like from work or relationship issues, can have damaging effects on the body. Lasting stress can lead to issues like migraines, chronic muscle tension, increased risk for hypertension, chronic fatigue, depression, and immune disorders.

That’s why it’s important to chill out! And what better excuse to take it easy than National Relaxation Day? Everybody’s doing it.

It can be hard to let worries go, even for just a day. Trust us, we know. But the good news is, there’s a plant for that.

Cannabis and Relaxation

If you need a helping hand to get out of your head and into your present, cannabis can help. This loving plant can boost your mood in several ways. Of course, we know THC can get the job done (so long as you don’t go overboard), but other cannabinoids can help too.

CBD can increase anandamide levels in the brain, which is our body’s “bliss molecule” and is linked to a happier mood. And terpenes may also help with relaxation. There’s a reason linalool has a heavy presence in aromatherapy (think: lavender), but you can also find this calming terp in some cannabis strains.

However you choose to celebrate National Relaxation Day today, know that Sol Flower’s got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a sedative couch-lock kind of day or are planning an out-and-about celebration, our passionate budtenders can help you find the perfect cannabis product to elevate your holiday. Swing by and let us know your favorite way to relax. After the past year and a half we’ve all had, we could all use some pointers!

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