Live with Sol & Recycle with Resinate!

Live with Sol & Recycle with Resinate!

Sol Flower Scottsdale & Sun City can now accept your plastic cannabis packaging for recycling! Recycling will be available during business hours, and winners will be announced every month.

To participate, just bring in your empty plastic “pop-top” containers, flexible bags, and any plastic canna-packaging that you don’t want to see go into a landfill or an ecosystem. You don’t have to remove the labels, and Resinate will ensure all containers are securely stored and de-labeled before the labels are destroyed. Just make sure all your containers are empty and dry before bringing them to the “Energy Pod” (the futuristic recycling bin).

examples of acceptable items for recycling

How you can earn Sol Flower store credit for recycling:

Simply scan the QR code located on top of the Energy Pod, and follow the instructions to verify your recyclables before depositing them.

At the beginning of each month, two lucky Sol Flower Sun City & Scottsdale rewards participants from the previous month of recycling will be randomly selected to win:

Grand Prize: $100 in store credit
Runner Up Prize: $50 in store credit

Prizes are great, and so recycling, but you might be wondering, “Why are we recycling this way?” It turns out, these small plastic containers, much like those orange pill bottles, can’t be recycled by most city systems, meaning these containers literally fall through the cracks of recycling systems and go to landfill, instead of getting sorted out and sent to a recycler. Resinate has created a better system, working with the community, dispensaries and brands to make things better. They safely collect, sort and recycle, putting much of what they collect directly into their own production process and bringing what’s left to local recyclers who can also get it recycled into long-term products. Special thanks to Dizpot for stepping up in a big way to help recycle much of what they create – they’ll be collecting from the Energy Pod when they drop off new containers!

One more bonus: each month, Resinate will randomly choose one lucky winner to receive one of their little stash jars made from 100% recycled cannabis containers.

Follow the launch and the ongoing impact of this program at and and stay tuned for updates.

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