Med advantages in a Rec state: Why you should keep your card

Med advantages in a Rec state: Why you should keep your card

Now that purchasing cannabis legally in Arizona no longer requires a visit to the doctor first, you might be wondering how things are changing for literal card-carrying members of the cannabis shoppers club.

The good news is you don’t have to change a thing about your dispensary routine. Your medical card affords you the same purchasing opportunities as before, with a few perks your Adult Use 21+ friends can still be jealous of.

Regardless, it’s still good to get a refresher on the rules, especially if you’re a new medical patient. We recommend holding onto those cards and renewing them when the time comes – it’ll save you money and give you a greater choice of products. 

We’d say the biggest adjustment you might have to make is getting used to the lines at our Sun City and Tempe locations now that Rec use is here – which is why our highly successful cannabis delivery program might be perfect for you if you live in the Northwest Valley. Your symptom relief remains our number one priority!

Here are the comparisons that show why having and maintaining a medical card is a smart move:

Maximum purchasable product
Recreational: 1oz, 1 time
Medical: 2.5oz, on a 2 week rolling basis

Restrictions on types of products
Recreational: only 5g of 28g allotment can be Edibles, Cartridges, Topicals, & Concentrates – combined
Medical: zero restrictions!

Taxes in addition to applied local city, county & state
Recreational: 16%
Medical: 6.6%

Maximum THC allowed in packaged edibles
Recreational: 100mg
Medical: Unlimited based on availability

Access to cannabis oil syringes & tinctures
Recreational: No
Medical: Yes

Of course, as you already know, consuming cannabis remains illegal on all public property. As a medical card holder you’ve been at this rules game longer than most, so we know you’ll be happy to see how having your card will still allow you to experience the same level of symptom relief as always. We look forward to seeing you soon at Sol Flower!

If you are an Adult Use Patron looking to get your medical cannabis card, read about some of the most common qualifying conditions and let us know! We’d be more than happy to help you through the process!

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