Meet Moryah Hodshire, General Manager at Sol Flower Scottsdale

Meet Moryah Hodshire, General Manager at Sol Flower Scottsdale

Moryah McLaughlin is always on the move. As a General Manager at Sol Flower Scottsdale Airpark, Moryah is responsible for making sure the day-to-day operation is running smoothly and inspiring staff to be at their best. When she’s not at work she can be found on the trails by day and, once it’s safe again, dancing at the country saloon by night. 

We sat down with Moryah to talk about her industry background, what makes Sol Flower so cutting edge, and why pretty much every activity is just a little bit better with cannabis.

What does your typical day look like?
When I get to work in the morning, I make sure the store and all staff members are set up for success. I’m always making myself available whenever needed, whether that’s getting our staff up to date with new policies or procedures, making sure we’re not carrying too much or too little of a certain product, trying to find ways to drive traffic, or answering questions for patients or staff members. I got into this industry to help patients and I try to give them whatever knowledge I have to encourage them to explore the holistic route. Also, being a part of going recreational has been a huge honor.

What are some of the mindset shifts you’ve noticed in your time in the industry?
The cool thing about the cannabis industry is there’s still so much about the plant we don’t know. I’m able to learn something new every single day. When I first started working in cannabis three  years ago it was all about THC percentages. Now I love being able to educate people about different terpenes and cannabinoids and their various effects. It’s nice to see people opening their eyes and getting a real education – it’s more than “you’re gonna get high.” Having Jane and Dan on staff here is so valuable for their leadership and knowledge. 

Are there any misconceptions about cannabis that you notice day to day?
The labeling. Not every strain is going to be sativa, indica, or hybrid. A strain could be labeled a sativa but give more indica-like effects depending on the person. Everyone’s body works differently. One patient might really need sativa on a daily basis to improve their mood and give them energy. Another might need that indica to really help them focus and get down to business.

What makes the Arizona cannabis market stand out?
It seems like things here are always changing for the better. There’s constantly new technology and new programs coming out not just for the plant but for people who work in the industry. Old ways of doing things like spreadsheets are being replaced by tools that push people to really be at their best every day and track their progress over time. It’s nice to be in a place with so many people who are pioneers in the local industry and who are setting the standard for what’s coming next. And Sol Flower is right in the middle of that evolution.

Any brands you’re digging these days?
I’m mainly a flower smoker, and some local AZ brands have been doing pretty great for me lately – Grow Sciences and 22 Red.

What are some of your passions outside the office?
I love to go on hikes, walks, and find water wherever I can. Tougher in Arizona I know, but water makes me feel at peace and calms me down, especially when I can enjoy some cannabis with the experience. I also enjoy medicating before I go dancing, specifically the western bars up in Cave Creek. 

Come say hi to Moryah and the rest of the staff at Sol Flower Scottsdale Airpark!

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