Microdosing with Cannabis: How just a little can lead to a greater experience

Microdosing with Cannabis: How just a little can lead to a greater experience

Microdosing Cannabis: How just a little can lead to a greater experience | SolFlower

In today’s consumption-obsessed society, the pendulum is finally starting to swing towards minimalism as a healthy alternative. From tiny houses to digital detoxes, mindful folks are taking the less is more approach when it comes to getting what they need, boosting happiness by not overdoing it.

The same is true in cannabis, where users have taken to microdosing as a way of experiencing the symptom relief they want without pushing their mind and body beyond their comfort zones.

Yes, your wildly creative co-worker, yogi neighbor or genius classmate may actually be using cannabis to enhance their daily performance. Marijuana isn’t just for getting stoned anymore, haven’t you heard?


How much is a little?

Whether you’ve been a regular cannabis user for years or are just now considering getting started, your entry point to microdosing should be about the same: less than 10 milligrams of THC (even as few as 2.5 mg). Remember, you’re not trying to get too high to function. Always err on the side of not enough – you can always increase the dosage in small increments. 

If you’re not feeling the desired effects right away, it’s important to not try to speed things along by smoking or ingesting more immediately. Wait a few hours before upping your consumption and be sure to monitor your levels so you establish a baseline. If you feel too much, back off the next day.


Measure twice, puff once

How you choose to introduce cannabis into your system can play a big role in the effectiveness of microdosing. There’s the “one puff” rule for smoking enthusiasts, in which you take a single hit and see how it feels – but this can be inconsistent. 

Instead, try tinctures or edibles when microdosing. These methods can be easier to control since mgs of THC are clearly labeled and proportioned on packaging, eliminating the need for math or guesstimations. Crunching numbers can seriously harsh a low-dose vibe.


How Microdosing Weed Feels

If you’re microdosing correctly, you won’t be under the influence of cannabis, at least not in the cliche sense. You should gain mental clarity and feel a greater sense of calm, but the medication won’t interfere with your ability to work, exercise or generally go about your day. 

Microdosing cannabis is like taking any other herbal supplement. It can decrease inflammation, reduce anxiety, help you sleep better and keep pain at bay. Just because it can lead to perceived negative experiences at higher doses doesn’t mean it can’t be taken responsibly. With lower-dose products gaining popularity, it’s easier than ever to consume at your pace and not build a tolerance. 

Curious about microdosing? Visit Sol Flower and we’ll set you up with low-mg THC and CBD products you can introduce to your routine. We recommend staying away from alcohol while trying to find your magic number.

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