Mindful Movement: Yoga

Mindful Movement: Yoga

Our Favorite Cannabis Products for Yoga

Exhale the negativity 😮‍💨, inhale the kush.

Sometimes, it’s hard to look inward, so at Sol Flower, we have some ganja performance enhancers. Whether you need more energy to get started or help settling into Savasana, we have some reinforcements. We even have a special something for you before you start your practice.


1. Kushy Punch Kiwi Breeze – Sativa

If you want a product to elevate your physical yoga practice, look no further. Kushy Punch Kiwi Breeze- Sativa has a tropical and tangy taste that leads to an energy burst.

It’s specially formulated, so you won’t have to wait for the edible to hit; it should only take about 15 minutes! You’ll feel more bounce in your chaturanga and more focused.


2. STIIIZY Gelato 41 Pod

Not vibing in Shavasana? Hit this STIIIZY Gelato 41 Pod and vibe into a relaxing yogic sleep.

Gelato 41 is a hybrid that tends to cause a euphoric head high that may make you a little giggly but still relaxed. You’ll be able to finish your practice in meditation without feeling too groggy after. Perfect for a morning or daytime practice!

3. Jukebox Cosmic Tokens- First Class Funk

Try the Jukebox Cosmic Tokens- First Class Funk for the ultimate recovery. Besides euphoria, effects include pain relief and the munchies.

These tokens are ideal for after your workout. Pack a bowl or a bong with your favorite indica or hybrid, and let these coins melt right into your flower, allowing it to pack more of a punch into a restorative and regenerative rest of your day.


Cannabis can increase your heart rate. We recommend talking to your primary care practitioner before integrating cannabis into your workout routine.