New Year, New SKUs

New Year, New SKUs

Introducing Our New SKUs

1. Wizard Trees

Wizard Trees is an LA-based cannabis cultivator and breeder known for quality-driven in-house strains and genetics that are sought after worldwide; it’s considered the definition of LA dank. All strains are grown in small batches with an artisanal approach to ensure top-quality cannabis. They offer a high-end cannabis experience through a meticulously curated collection of exotic flowers and cannabis-derived products. Combined with ethical practices and continuous innovation, they aim to provide an unparalleled cannabis experience.

You can now buy strains like 11:11, Zangria, Rainbow Runts, and more at all Sol Flower dispensaries.

2. Huxton

Huxton offers single-strain pre-rolls and eighths thoughtfully packaged to make everything easy. Their pre-roll tin contains seven half-gram joints, a pack of matches, and even an ashtray; everything you need is right here!

Their classic and sustainably grown strains like Blue Dream, Maui Wowies, and Durban Poison are recognized by seasoned smokers and clearly labeled by effect for the rest of us.

Be sure to try these out on their January 12th Sol Flower launch.

3. Catri


Catri is an homage to La Catrina, the queen of the Dia De Los Muertos. Their THC-infused gummies offer authentic Mexican flavors like horchata, dulce de leche, and guayaba. They are vegan, gluten-free, and sold in sustainable packaging. These tasty treats will have you treasuring the moment while celebrating the past.

Along with flavor, Catri focuses on situation-based strains for the individual’s needs and precise dosage for their tolerance level. Stop by January 19th to try out chamoy, pina colada, passionfruit maracuya, and more!






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