Our Can’t-Miss Edibles Picks for the 2021 Holiday Season

Our Can’t-Miss Edibles Picks for the 2021 Holiday Season

Our Can’t-Miss Edibles Picks for the 2021 Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for something sweet, a little naughty, and a whole lot of nice – and nothing fits the bill like edibles!  But there are so many types of edibles; how can you know the best picks in each category?

We polled Sol Flower team members to uncover their favorite cannabis edibles and put together a handy guide organized by style and location to elevate your holiday season. While you’re there, talk to the Sol Flower team about the best cannabis gifts for everyone on your list.

5 Best Sativa Edibles

Energizing and revitalizing, here are our favorite sativa edibles for go-getters:

  1. The Feels Cranberry Gummies
  2. Wana Mango Sour Gummies 
  3. The Feels Citrus Punch Gummies
  4. Wyld Raspberry Gummies 
  5. Baked Bros Unflavored THC Extract

5 Best Indica Edibles

Soothing and relaxing, here are our favorite indica edibles for those who need the gift of downtime:

  1. Wana Watermelon Sour Gummies
  2. Baked Bros Mango Syrup
  3. The Feels Tropical Gummies
  4. Wyld Marionberry Gummies
  5. Baked Bros Peach Rings

5 Best Hybrid Edibles

If you crave the best of both worlds, a hybrid makes a perfect choice. Here are our favorite hybrid edibles for the indecisive types:

  1. Vital Sour Sensi Stripe Gummies
  2. Haze & Main Orangesicle Swedes
  3. Grow Sciences Guava Rosin Gummies
  4. Haze & Main Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar
  5. Sprinkle Purely Simple Powder

Top Cannabis Baked Good

Nothing beats a baked good fresh out of the oven, except when that baked good is spiked with delicious cannabis! Here are some of our favorites:

Top Cannabis Chocolate

If you’re a chocoholic, we’ve got an infused bar to make your heart sing. Here are some of our favorite cannabis-infused chocolates:

Top Cannabis Chews

Chewy, fruity, and satisfying, cannabis chews are a little more candy-like than traditional edible gummies. So get in touch with your inner Willy Wonka with the Etiquette Mixed Sour Taffy pack. 

Top Cannabis Hard Candy

For a satisfying slow-release, nothing beats a cannabis hard candy. The Etiquette Mixed Hard Candy pack is our favorite upgrade to the classic Amsterdam weed lolly:

Top Cannabis Gummies

Cannabis gummies are a classic for a reason. Tasty, fruity, and easy to indulge in, they’re the perfect everyday dose. Here are our picks for the best edible gummies:

Top Cannabis Mints

Want to beat lousy breath while forgetting to stress out about whether you have bad breath or not? Cannabis mints are here to save the day:

Sun City Dispensary Favorite Edible for Christmas

Here are the top picks found at our Sun City Dispensary:

Scottsdale Airpark Dispensary Favorite Edible Christmas

Here are the best edibles to snag at our Scottsdale Airport Dispensary:

Tempe McClintock Dispensary Favorite Edible for Christmas

Here are the Tempe McClintock team’s top picks for the best edibles of the season:

Tempe University Dispensary Favorite Edible Christmas

Here are the Tempe University Dispensary’s best edibles to use as stocking stuffers:

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