Talkin’ Terps: Lounge with Linalool & Melatonin on National Relaxation Day

Talkin’ Terps: Lounge with Linalool & Melatonin on National Relaxation Day

In this life, you’re either born a relaxer or you need permission to get a little lazy every now and then. Either way, National Relaxation Day comes at a perfect time as schools get back in session (in one form or another), we extend our record run of high temps, and the world…keeps doing what the world does. But it’s all good, sweet cannababies! Today is all about taking time for your beautiful selves and embracing the zen. 

For those of you who don’t have a natural nap mode ready to engage at a moment’s notice, you best believe there’s a sedative secret in the cannabis plant ready to help you get way chill. That’s linalool, the terpene with the power to calm even the most anxious of storms. Linalool is found in many plants (not just cannabis), and its lavender aroma makes it extra attractive to the senses. Once in your body, this terp goes to work reducing the activity of chemicals responsible for muscle contraction, as well as activating the same responses in the brain that occur when you’re at rest. 

But that’s not all we have for you on this most unwound of days! Our Cherry 1:1 Jellies are made for relaxing in the shade thanks to a true 1:1 CBD oil derived from strains like Shark Shock and Critical Mass. Even a few drops of CBD oil can be ideal for calming down your body and mind. Plus, fresh cherries like the ones we use in our recipe are one of the only natural food sources of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. Enjoy a Cherry 1:1 Jelly an hour before bedtime for optimal snooze results. 

Talk to a Sol Flower advocate to learn more about Linalool and discover our most relaxing strains. Enjoy your day of doing nothing at all!

Linalool features:
A terpene that’s found in jasmine, lavender, and cannabis

Delicate floral aroma with hint of spiciness

Also found in:
Rosewood, basil, or thyme

Patients that stop by Sol Flower on August 15th, 2020 has an opportunity to receive a FREE Good Things Coming Very Cherry 1:1 Fruit Jellie with their purchase! Goa head – you deserve to relax!

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