Talkin’ Terps: Nerding out on Nerolidol

Talkin’ Terps: Nerding out on Nerolidol

You’re feeling very sleepy. A whiff of tree bark after a fresh rain is in the air. There are no bugs anywhere near you. Is this a dream? No, it’s Nerolidol, a fascinating little terpene that makes your strain taste like citrus and keeps pests away from people and plants.

Nerolidol has some serious antifungal benefits, and is often found in creams and lotions due to its unique ability to open pores and relax dermal membranes. Plants like ginger, tea tree, lavender and lemongrass all have Nerolidol to thank for their distinct aroma, which humans love but bugs detest. 

Nerolidol very rarely overpowers a cannabis strain, and is most often a minor terpene. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t impactful. In fact, many strains have Nerolidol to thank for their sedative properties. Other studies have suggested that Nerolidol can effectively treat some types of cancer by facilitating degradation in harmful cells. While there’s still a lot of research to be done on the medicinal benefits of the terp for humans, it has additionally shown promise in reducing anxiety in mice.

If you smoke a strain containing Nerolidol, you’re likely to have a woodsy experience, with fruity tones that are pleasant and sweet. Of course, one terp does not a strain profile make, which is why the patient advocates at Sol Flower are experts at knowing exactly what terps come forward in our favorite products. Stop by and nerd out on this terpene and others with us!

Nerolidol facts:
When combined with other drugs, Nerolidol shows promise as an antimalarial compound. That’s because it’s been observed to make bacteria more permeable and thus more sensitive to antibiotics.

Like a gentle stroll through an orchid farm with a forest nearby

Also found in:
Ginger, jasmine, lavender

Observed benefits:

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