Talkin’ Terps: the magic of Myrcene is all around you

Talkin’ Terps: the magic of Myrcene is all around you

Myrcene: Effects & Benefits | Talkin’ Terps | SolFlower

At Sol Flower, we love all terpenes. We know that the subtle interactions between these aromatic molecules is what creates the magic unique to each strain of cannabis, and that delicate dance makes it hard to play favorites. It just so happens that we spend most of our time with myrcene. 

We can’t help it: myrcene (or beta-myrcene) is just really popular by nature. According to some lab tests, myrcene is present in over 21% of commercial cannabis strains, with 40% of flowers being myrcene-dominant. So what does that mean for you, the wise terp consumer? Well, first, myrence is likely what you’re smelling when you get a whiff of the unmistakable earthy aroma of some of the most recognizable strains. It’s also what you’re probably smelling in hoppy beers.

Myrcene is also widely regarded as a natural sedative (cannabis…sleepy…it’s starting to come together). Lemongrass tea has long been used to aid in sleep, and myrcene is the dominant terp in that plant as well. That’s why strains labeled as “indica” tend to have higher myrcene levels than “sativas.” 

For those of you looking to get the most elevated experience from cannabis, myrcene can be your gateway to a high time. That’s because myrcene is one of the only terps to increase the effects of cannabis through saturation levels of your brain’s CB1 receptors. 

So in short, myrcene is everywhere, it smells amazing, and it enhances the effect of cannabis. But, um, we totally don’t play favorites or anything. Come swing by our stores in Tempe or Sun City and talk terps with us!

Myrcene facts:
The most commonly found terpene in cannabis. Also found in hops and lends itself to the common aromas associated with beer.

Earthy, spicy, and musky. 

Also found in:
Mango, hops, thyme, lemongrass, basil

Observed benefits:

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