Talkin’ terps: When life hands you stress, make for strains with Limonene

Talkin’ terps: When life hands you stress, make for strains with Limonene

Limonene limonene just like grandma…mene? Alright so maybe you wouldn’t find a sidewalk stand selling this terpene by itself, but as one of the most abundant terps found in cannabis you’ve no doubt enjoyed the citrusy delight of limonene’s distinct aroma.

Like the name implies, limonene is found naturally in lemon and orange peels, making it a popular ingredient in household cleaning supplies, air fresheners, and some cosmetics. It’s a dominant cannabis terpene in strains like Wedding Cake and White Fire OG, with benefits including anti-anxiety and antimicrobial properties.

For being the second most widely appearing terpene in nature, limonene remains somewhat of a mystery as far as its effects on human psychology. Studies have suggested that inhaling vapor with limonene can increase dopamine and serotonin production in the brain, which is why strains high in limonene tend to produce more euphoric highs.

More studies have been conducted on limonene’s anti-cancer benefits and its strengths in working as an anti-inflammatory, particularly in fatty cells in the body. Its scent is what makes it shine most, however, with a pleasing citrus aroma that can reduce anxiety from the nose on down. In fact, limonene has been shown to reduce heartburn and stomach ailments associated with stress, and its aroma alone can help curb appetites and lower blood pressure.

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More about limonene:
Limonene shows promise in reversing diabetes by getting unhealthy white fat cells in shape and stimulating the body’s metabolism.

Like the lemon tree in your back yard, or the zesty orange peel of a classy speakeasy cocktail.

Also found in:
Mint, Juniper, Rosemary, Pine

Observed benefits:

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