Talkin’ Trees: 10 Cannabis Terms & What They Mean

Talkin’ Trees: 10 Cannabis Terms & What They Mean

The culture of cannabis has a ready-made language baked right in. As medicinal and recreational marijuana becomes more mainstream, certain terms have started weeding their way from stoner lexicon into popular parlance. Here are just a few definitions to stash away for your next cannabis convo.


What would you rather have growing in your garden: flowers or weeds? Well it’s no surprise then that “flower” is taking over as the preferred nomenclature for the cannabis plant we all know and love. Besides, it’s more accurate: the good stuff comes from the flower buds anyway.


Ok, maybe you won’t hear this whole word too often. But you probably know its abbreviation: CBD. It’s used in topical or edible form to alleviate pain and treat diseases without the psychoactive brain high of THC, the other compound found in marijuana. From the lotion aisle at your local supermarket to your on-trend grandmother’s medicine cabinet, CBD is seemingly everywhere these days – and for good reason.


AKA crystals, these are the little white hairs on the plant that produce most of its cannabinoids (THC & CBD). Good looking, bountiful trichomes on the bud means it’s some top-shelf flower.


Depending on where you are or who you’re with, there might be a stigma around being “stoned,” “blazed,” or “high off your ever-loving gourd.” But if you reframe your cannabis consumption around what it really is – relief from what ails you and a pathway to a better state of mind – no one can harsh you for being “medicated.”


Sometimes, when two cannabis subspecies love each other very much, they’ll combine into one hybrid strain to bring joy and balance to the universe. Featuring the best of the indica and sativa worlds, hybrids play across the mellow/active high spectrum in innovative and unique ways


Shatter is one of a few forms of butane hash oil, which is a super potent concentrate that uses, you guessed it, a butane solvent to extract THC. A sheet of shatter has glass-like consistency and Swiss cheese-like appearance, breaking apart easily to be dabbed or smoked. A little shatter goes a long way!


While we’re on the subject, dabbing is the act of smoking hash oil via a device, popularly known as a rig. The effects of dabbing take hold quickly due to the high levels of THC in concentrates, and it can be a cleaner smoking experience. 


Want a more mellow experience? Settle in with some Kush, a sedative indica strain that will keep your body indented into the couch while tuning your mind to a positive frequency. Kush is popular in many hybrid strains for its versatility and pleasantness in aroma and flavor (citrus, anyone?).


Taken via an eyedropper under the tongue, a tincture is marijuana in liquid form. Tinctures are often flavored and take effect more quickly than their edible counterparts. “Good,” says your impatient brownie-loving friend.

Kind bud

This is the gold star stuff, the best-of-the-best bud that’s been carefully grown to get you feeling good from the first puff. Buuuuut, as weed historians (or weed that guy’s) might point out, it’s actually spelled kine bud. Marijuayto, marijuahto, we say.


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