Get your mind in mint condition with this CBD Hot Chocolate recipe

Get your mind in mint condition with this CBD Hot Chocolate recipe

We can get so caught up in the modern trappings of life that we forget about the simple pleasures, the things that once filled us with so much joy. How have we gotten away from that form of pure happiness, and how can we reconnect with it? The answer is simply, really: make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. Duh.

Don’t let anyone tell you that hot chocolate is not meant to be enjoyed all year long. Or heck, every night if that’s your thing. Especially since we’ve spruced up this classic beverage into a Sol Flower Cafe Signature Drink with the not-so-subtle addition of a secret ingredient: mint chocolate CBD.

You probably already know about CBD’s beneficial health properties, like how it’s an anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion, and can alleviate anxiety without psychoactive effects. But did you know mint can do all those same things, too? Mint is especially active in your digestive tract and the zesty smell of it alone has been found to stimulate brain chemicals like serotonin that help set you at ease.

We’ve brewed up a simple and delicious Mint Hot Chocolate recipe you can steam at home to enjoy all the good, warm feels.

Chocolate Mint CBD Hot Chocolate


1 dropper Mint Chocolate Healing Resources CBD

12 oz steamed milk

1 scoop hot chocolate mix


1. Steam milk

2. Add hot chocolate mix and CBD to steamed milk. Mix well. 

3. Garnish with whipped cream and peppermint slivers. 

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