How to place an online order

How to place an online order

How To Place An Online Order at Sol Flower Dispensary

As a medical cannabis provider, we understand it’s essential for patients to have access to products and services.

We will remain open and continue implementing a 1:1 patient-to-patient advocate ratio at our Tempe, Scottsdale, Deer Valley & Sun City location.

In an effort to social distance, we urge you to place an online order through Our Site or Leafly as well as arrive after receiving a text that the order is packed and ready for pick-up.

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2- In the main menu, select Order Online and select the location you’d like to place an order at

Step 3 – Sign in or create an account. For a step by step guide on how to complete your profile, please click here (link

Step 4 – Once you are signed in, select the products you’d like and add them to your cart

Step 5 – When you’re ready to complete your order, click the Cart icon, and review everything in your cart for accuracy. Patients WILL NOT be permitted to make changes to their order upon arrival.

Step 6 – Select Pickup

Step 7 – Tap Checkout

Step 8 – Please wait to receive a text message that your order is ready for pick up before arriving to Sol Flower

Sol Flower Sun City Dispensary Order Online

Sun City Recreational Cannabis

Sun City Medical Cannabis

Sol Flower Tempe McClintock Dispensary Order Online

Tempe McClintock Recreational Cannabis

Tempe McClintock Medical Cannabis

Sol Flower Tempe University Dispensary Order Online

Tempe University Recreational Cannabis

Tempe University Medical Cannabis

Sol Flower Scottsdale Airpark Dispensary Order Online

Scottsdale Airpark Recreational Cannabis

Scottsdale Airpark Medical Cannabis

Sol Flower Deer Valley Dispensary Order Online

Deer Valley Recreational Cannabis

Deer Valley Medical Cannabis

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