Taste the love with our CBD Strawberry Daiquiri

Taste the love with our CBD Strawberry Daiquiri

Go with us on this one: the strawberry is the most famous fruit. Symbolically portrayed in art, literature and song for centuries, strawberries announce their presence with passionate flair. Fields, wine, blondes – all of these take on a new meaning with strawberries attached to them. Pop culture has figured out what nature already knew – it’s hard to resist a strawberry.

Perhaps strawberries are so associated with love because what’s on the inside matches the exterior beauty. Biting into a fresh strawberry is really one of life’s great pleasures, and it only gets better from there – strawberries help reduce spikes in blood sugar and can prevent inflammation from turning into tumors. So yeah, strawberries love you back.

That’s why Sol Flower Signature Cafe is whipping up a CBD Strawberry Daiquiri as its latest cocktail creation. Blended with frozen berries, apple juice and lime juice, and infused with calming Apple/Berry CBD, this non-alcoholic mixed drink is perfect for sipping while gently swaying on your strawberry swing.

Come say hi at Sol Flower in Sun City or Tempe and try our latest Signature Cafe drink, or make one at home yourself!

CBD Strawberry Daiquiri (NA)


.8 ml Apple/Berry CBD

2 cups frozen strawberries

⅓ cup lime juice (+ 1 tbsp) 

½ cup simple syrup

¾ cup apple juice


Blend ingredients together, then garnish with

½ strawberry

1 slice lime coin

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