The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Consumption Methods for Arizona Consumers

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Consumption Methods for Arizona Consumers

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Consumption Methods | Sol Dispensary

There are a lot of consumption options for Arizona’s medical and recreational cannabis consumers. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Most people thinking of cannabis imagine an old-fashioned joint or their college roommate’s bong. And while these are still classic cannabis consumption methods, today, there are so many different cannabis product styles to explore it might leave your head spinning. 

So how do you medicate? Let’s take a journey through the many ways to consume cannabis with our favorite budtenders (spoiler alert – you don’t have to inhale).

Today’s Most Popular Cannabis Consumption Methods

Thanks to an expanding world of cannabis creativity, there are as many ways to consume weed as there are strains–but what is the best way to consume (it’s entirely personal). 

The different ways to consume marijuana range from old-fashioned smoking to edibles, beverages, and beyond. Fervent fans swear by each option. But let’s take a closer look so you can discover what works best for you.

Inhaled Cannabis

Finding fun ways to smoke weed remains a classic pursuit of marijuana fans the world over, and these days there are more ways to inhale than ever before. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Smoking from blown glass marijuana pipes filled with flower isn’t creative, but it’s a classic for a reason!
  • Cannabis vape cartridges offer a smoke-free experience (it’s vapor!). 
  • Prerolls are a hassle-free way to consume. 

Smoking or vaporizing cannabis extracts ensures a heady and potent experience.

Edible Forms of Cannabis

Let your taste buds guide you to the best way to eat marijuana–from candy to chips, you’ve got options to explore. So let’s look at some popular ways to eat your greens:

  • Try edible weed in the form of a tasty baked good, like matcha Rice Krispies.
  • Suck on a precision-dosed hard candy in lavender lemon or black cherry flavor.
  • Enjoy a classic cannabis gummy, chocolate bar, or sour taffy for a candy shop experience. 
  • Capsules give you an effortless dose of edible weed if sweet stuff’s not your thing.

Cannabis Drinks (aka Drinkables)

With more people replacing unhealthy daily drinking habits (we’re looking at you, alcohol) with healthier alternatives, weed drinks are becoming a popular way to unwind. Here are some of our favorite hangover-free ways to enjoy a beverage:

  • There are cannabis drinks on the market in every flavor imaginable. From classic cola to more sophisticated cannabis mocktails, there’s a weed soda for every palate.
  • Cannabis tea is also gaining popularity. Available iced, bottled or bagged, it’s a delicious way to unwind.
  • If none of the prepackaged options suit your fancy, you can enhance any drink with a flavorless sprinkle of THC-infused powder. 
  • You can also use cannabis sprays for a quick dose of liquid relief. THC sprays are an excellent alternative for people trying to stay smoke-free.


Last but certainly not least, the mighty topical. Topical applications are one of the healthiest ways to consume because they’re smoke-free, sugar-free, and easy to apply. Here are some ways topical weed can do your body good:

  • Medicated THC patches can provide immediate relief to sore areas. 
  • Cannabis-infused balms and lotions are valued for easing cramps, strain, and muscle aches after exercise. 
  • Weed bath salts and bath balms are an easy way to add an extra dose of relaxing power to that end of the day soak. 
  • Many beauty products contain CBD, which can help calm and soothe stressed skin.

Whatever cannabis consumption method you prefer, your local budtender can help you find the best product to suit your needs. 

Not sure where to start? Book your expert consultation today for a personalized product recommendation, or enroll in a class to learn more!

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