What Is 710? The Roots of the High Holiday

What Is 710? The Roots of the High Holiday

What is 710? | Cannabis Holiday | Sol Flower Dispensary

You’ve heard of 420, but what about 710? Like 420, this holiday celebrates our favorite plant. But instead of referring to any and all things weed, 710 has one specific thing in mind—oil. (Turn your phone upside down and re-read 710…get it?)

710 is a much newer holiday than 420, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t already earned its spot in cannabis culture. Many dispensaries—including Sol Flower—ring in the holiday with deals and discounts on most cannabis concentrates, and some legal states celebrate with big 420-style parties and concentrate competitions.

So how’d it all get started? Well, unlike 420’s established groovy origins, 710’s roots are still up for debate. Some sources say the term “710” popped up on Urban Dictionary in 2010, but the slang didn’t get cannabis-specific until 2011.

Other sources attribute it to TaskRok of Highly Educated, a company that designs concentrate-specific tools and accessories. Rumor has it, TaskRok came up with the term 710 in a group chat with other industry professionals. He also released an album in 2011 with references to dabbing and concentrates, including a song titled “7:10.” But, he doesn’t claim the term as his own and says it “belongs to the community now.”

Either way, the term really took off in 2013, when LA Weekly ran an article titled “710 is the new 420.” That same year, we saw the first 710 Cup. And the rest is history!

Now that we’re a decade into it, the festivities have really caught fire. Of course, you can celebrate any way you like. Weed’s generous like that. But if you’re looking to get into the traditional high holiday spirit, the go-to consumption method for the day is dabbing.

There are a bunch of concentrates you can introduce to your rig for the occasion, all of which have their own pros and cons. Here’s a few you might want to explore this Dab Day:

  • Batter/badder/budder: These are all one in the same—an extract made with a solvent like butane or propane that’s agitated during extraction. High-quality batter is usually golden in color. The consistency varies from frosting-like to a wet crumble.
  • Sugar or sugar wax: Sugar can be made several ways, but it’s usually through chemical extraction. It can be made from dried buds or fresh frozen cannabis. The defining factor here is the consistency of the concentrate, which is—you guessed it—like sugar. 
  • Live rosin: Live rosin is just about the highest quality cannabis concentrate you can buy. It’s made from solventless extraction, so it’s cleaner than most other options. Because it’s so close to the actual plant, the flavor is a little more earthy and intense than other concentrates.

There are other concentrates out there, including things as simple as a vape or tincture. However you choose to celebrate, Sol Flower’s got you covered with everything you need for an elevated 710 experience. Happy dabbing!  

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