What is Dabbing and How Does it Work?

What is Dabbing and How Does it Work?

We are truly living in the golden age (or greenest age) of symptom relief via cannabis, with more ways than ever to get cannabinoids into our system and more selection when it comes to how we want to feel.

Of all the methods of consumption to arrive on the scene in this era, none quite carries the mystique of dabbing, especially for the uninitiated. With its unique equipment setup and meticulous extraction process – not to mention its use of a blowtorch! – dabbing isn’t often the first choice for patients. Peel back the science, however, and you might discover a method that, in moderation, can provide clean symptom relief like you haven’t experienced before.

Dabs by definition

Dabs are the common term for cannabis extracts, or highly concentrated cannabis chemicals delivered in different forms. While it’s possible to extract CBD, most dabs you’ll find contain extracted THC in super strong amounts (60-90%) compared to your average strain (typicially 20% and below).

What that means is that dabbing can get you high – uncomfortably high – if you’re not careful. That goes for any of the forms dabs commonly take, including shatter (which resembles glass), wax, crumble, hash oil and live resin. Our Sol Flower experts can walk you through the properties unique to each variety.

The rig

Another way dabbing differs from flower is in the way it’s smoked. Instead of packing a bowl or rolling a joint, dabbing requires its own proprietary piece of equipment: the dab rig. A close cousin of the bong, a rig lets you vaporize your concentrate by heating a nail (that’s where the blowtorch comes in), dropping a small portion of your dab in a heating chamber, and inhaling once vapor starts to form. There are ways to customize this process with carb caps or inserts to control temperature and flavor, but the basic setup is all you need for a quality pull.

The results

Dabbing is not for the faint of heart. Similar to consuming edibles, inhaling from a dab rig is best approached with a “less is more” philosophy. The effects of dabbing can hit quicker than a THC-infused brownie, and you might not enjoy the zero-to-100 ride if you’re overdone it.

Patients who have built up a high tolerance to cannabis may find dabbing as the logical step up in symptom relief. The potency of even a little shatter or wax can give you the psychoactive experience you’re seeking to go along with full-body symptom relief. When extracted professionally, dabbing can also be a cleaner and more flavorful smoking experience for refined palettes.

For the scientifically-inclined (and brave), dabbing can reward your curiosity with a next-level high. With so much nuance to the experience, we recommend talking to an expert about your symptoms and expectations so you’re prepared to dab safely. That’s where Sol Flower comes in – visit us for your proper introduction to the world of dabbing.

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