What to Expect From Your First Arizona Cannabis Delivery Experience

What to Expect From Your First Arizona Cannabis Delivery Experience

What to Expect From Your First Arizona Cannabis Delivery Experience

Arizonians often have a lot of questions before their first cannabis delivery experience. So, we decided to answer them in this helpful blog.

These days, you can order just about anything online. From streaming movies to groceries, we bet half the things you purchase every day are ordered from the comfort of your browser. And thanks to Arizona state law, marijuana delivery is no exception. 

Let’s take a closer look at the world of weed delivery in AZ, and cover the most common questions about how to get cannabis delivered. Ready to book your first delivery? Order online today.

How does Arizona cannabis delivery work?

So how do weed delivery services work in Arizona? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how cannabis delivery in Arizona works–what you need, where to order, and what to expect from your first delivery. Here are a few common questions first-timers ask when they’re wondering about the ins and outs of bud delivery on demand.

1. Can you have cannabis delivered in Arizona?

The short answer: heck yes! The longer answer–it depends on whether pot delivery is available in your area. 

While nonpsychoactive CBD delivery service is technically legal all over the country, ordering a marijuana delivery service on demand, particularly if you’re interested in THC, is currently only permitted in Phoenix, Tempe, and Goodyear. However, as weed delivery service becomes more in demand, other areas of Arizona are likely to legalize the practice.

2. Can dispensaries deliver?

Yes! Delivery from an Arizona dispensary (like Sol Flower) is the best way to complete your first on-demand experience. 

The shift to delivery occurred in the pandemic’s early days when medical marijuana patients needed a way to access medicine without risking exposure. But, like many aspects of life transformed due to the pandemic, specific positive changes, like cannabis delivery, are sticking around. 

3. How does dispensary delivery work?

Step one: Get online. Visit your dispensary website to see what options are available for delivery and select the products you want.

Step two: Make your payment. You can pay with a credit or debit card using the built-in payment system on your dispensary’s website.

Step three: Sit back and wait for your cannabis delivery service to arrive! Yes, it is that easy in Arizona.

4. Can I get medical marijuana delivered?

Absolutely. While weed delivery without a medical card remains illegal for now, medical cannabis delivery is an essential part of many dispensary’s business models.

Medical dispensary delivery is a popular option for patients whose conditions might make it difficult to leave the house. It’s also easy!

5. Can I get recreational weed delivery?

Sadly, recreational pot delivery is not yet legal in Arizona. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck–all adults over the age of 21 are allowed to purchase recreational cannabis from the dispensary of their choice.

And recreational delivery is coming someday. According to a law passed by the state legislator, Arizona must adopt rules permitting and regulating the delivery of recreational cannabis by 2025, so eventually, we’ll get there!

6. Do I need my ID for pot delivery?

Yes! Because cannabis delivery in Arizona is medical only, you’ll need your ID (and your Arizona Medical Cannabis Card) to prove you’re a qualified patient eligible to receive delivery.

Your dispensary will notify you if they have any specific requirements,  but generally, any state-issued ID will work.

7. How do I pay for weed delivery?

You might remember the old days of cash-only weed transactions, but those hassles are officially a thing of the past!

Most dispensaries have methods of accepting cash-free payments over their websites, so you won’t have to leave the house to visit the ATM. So if you don’t have cash, don’t worry–cards, and even some electronic payment methods, are generally acceptable.

8. What cannabis products can I get from my bud delivery service?

Anything your heart desires! As long as you’re adhering to the THC limits for medical patients, which means 2.5 ounces of cannabis per person, you can select whatever products suit your fancy.

Some people stick to traditional flower when they’re getting cannabis delivered, while others try out vapes, edibles, or topical applications intended to treat specific aches and pains. If you want it, there’s probably a dispensary out there that will bring it to you!

9. Where can I get weed delivered to?

In Arizona, as in many other states, it’s easiest to get weed delivered to your home address.

Because of the laws restricting cannabis consumption to certain areas, weed can only be delivered to a residence. So getting the delivery man to meet you at the park on a sunny day or join you in running errands isn’t an option! 

Instead, wait until you’re home for the day to order your cannabis delivery.

Should I tip weed delivery drivers?

Yes! Just like the kid who delivers your pizza, weed delivery professionals are hard-working hustlers who deserve a little something extra on top of their hourly wage.As in any other service industry, the standard tip for a weed delivery driver is 15-20% of your total purchase. So keep some cash handy when you’re ordering delivery just in case your driver doesn’t do Venmo!

If all that sounds good, it might be time for you to order your first cannabis delivery! Check out an easy online delivery portal to begin your first Arizona cannabis delivery experience.

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