What to expect with Rec

What to expect with Rec

What to Expect with Legal Recreational Cannabis | Sol Flower

Sol Flower patients and patrons, adult use has arrived and we want to make sure you feel as prepared as possible. As we navigate this new journey together, we appreciate your patience and feedback. We are always here to answer questions and will make sure to keep you up to date. Feel free to message us on Instagram!

Is this your first time to a dispensary? Learn more about Adult Use 21+ Guidelines.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Longer lines & increased wait times

Sol Flower is implementing a plethora of new procedures to serve everyone with ease. Meanwhile, patients and patrons can order online for pick up and pay virtually via TreezPay. Simply link your bank account through the secure Stronghold platform

Delivery Services are only available for Medical Patients. Visit https://livewithsol.com/delivery to learn more!

Please remember to wear a mask at all times, maintain 6ft whilst waiting in line and washing your hands thoroughly before coming to the dispensary and returning home. Many patients are immune-compromised and rely on our collective effort to stay safe and healthy in our current pandemic. Read more about what Sol Flower is doing to Flatten the Curve and keep patients and patrons alike safe!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Sol Flower Lines Explained

Each Sol Flower location will feature three lines.

  • One dedicated to Medical Patients
  • One dedicated to Adult Use Patrons
  • One dedicated to Online Orders

At our Sun City & Tempe McClintock locations, we will offer a 4th SOL EXPRESS line for those that place an online order and pay ahead using TreezPay

WHAT TO EXPECT: Less promotions

To make sure everyone who chooses SOL can choose from a range of products, we have reduced our promotions to increase your supply.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Increased pricing

Patients and patrons can shop with peace of mind knowing that Arizona now requires all brands to provide testing results. However, due to this new regulation many products have experienced an increase in pricing.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Redeem rewards dollars

Our reward dollar program is being revamped as of Friday, 1/22/2021. Any medical patients with an outstanding reward balance will have until April 20th, 2021 to redeem.

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